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Seamless Hair Extensions

Seamless Application Tape

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  • Description
  • Total Tape Tabs: 48

    Ready to use pre-cut double sided tapes for reapplying your Seamless Tape Hair Extensions. Perfect amount to re-tape a full head of Seamless Tape Hair Extensions, which contains 40 individual tapes.

    • Comfortable, lightweight and undetectable tape technology
    • Fast, easy, no mess application
    • Strong double sided tape
    • USA made

  • Directions
  • Step 1: Ensure all old tape adhesive is removed and your tape extensions are clean and dry.

    Step 2: Gently peel off tape tab from backing sheet and stick firmly onto the back of each tape extension.

    Step 3: Remove the paper backing from other side of tape tab and your ready to apply the tape extension to your natural hair.