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Seamless Hair Extensions

#4/12 Havana Highlights

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  • Description
  • Seamless Tapes Havana Highlights is a mocha brown mixed with butterscotch to create a perfect highlight and lowlight warm blend.

    Colour: #4/12
    Hair Length: 20"
    Hair Weight: 50 grams
    Hair Pieces: 20

    How much hair do I need?

    1 pack - 20 pieces / 50 grams
    Perfect for thin hair to add volume, or fill in thinner area at front of hair

    2 pack - 40 pieces / 100 grams
    Perfect for thin to medium hair to add length and volume

    3 pack - 60 pieces / 150 grams
    Perfect for all hair types to add length and create extra volume

    4 pack - 80 pieces / 200 grams
    Prefect for creating the ultimate length and volume

  • Why Seamless Tapes?
  • Why Seamless Tapes are better than standard tapes:

    • Designed to be discreet and undetectable
    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Minimal shedding
    • Quick and easy application
    • Perfect for thin hair

    Our signature seamless tapes are the most discreet tape hair extensions on the market and are almost undetectable. The hair is bonded into a seamless band which ensures there is minimal shedding. Our tapes are so lightweight and comfortable, that once applied it won’t even feel like your wearing hair extensions.

  • Quality
    • Premium Russian Remy hair
    • Collected from one young donor
    • Double drawn
    • Cuticles intact
    • 12a grade hair
    • Natural & multi toned colours
    • Ethically sourced