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Seamless Hair Extensions

#18/60 Ash Highlights

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  • Description
  • Seamless Clip-ins Ash Highlights is an ash blonde mixed with a platinum blonde, giving a natural sun kissed effect.

    Colour: #18/60
    Hair Length: 20"
    Hair Weight: 150 grams

    Set Includes:
    2x 5 clip 10” weft
    2x 3 clip 6” weft
    2x 2 clip 3” weft
    2x 1 clip 1” weft

    Bundle Includes:
    Protection Storage Bag with Hanger
    Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions

  • Why Seamless Clip-ins?
  • Why Seamless Clip-ins are better than traditional clip-ins:

    • Thin wefts that lay flat to your head
    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • No shedding due to seamless base

    Our signature seamless clip-in hair extensions are unlike any other. Made with a durable seamless bonded base; makes them lightweight, flat, discrete and comfortable for all day wear. The metal clips are lined with a silicone tubing for a secure grip.

    Seamless Clip-ins are the perfect solution for quickly and easily adding length, volume and colour to your existing hair style without damaging your natural hair.

    What are clip-in hair extensions?

    Clip-ins are a great temporary solution for creating volume and giving instant length to your natural hair. Applying clip-ins can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to apply. They are versatile enough to be used when your hair is down, up, in a ponytail, in a bun, half up, half down... the options are endless!

    How do you apply clip-ins?

    Each clip-in weft comes in different lengths. Simply section your hair in horizontal rows starting from the bottom and working your way up. Unclip each clip and clip the weft in place. You shouldn’t feel any pulling on your natural hair. When your first using clip-in extensions, it may take some time applying them correctly and achieving the look your after.

  • Quality
    • Premium European Remy hair
    • Double drawn
    • Cuticles intact
    • 10a grade hair
    • Natural & multi toned colours
    • Ethically sourced