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Seamless Hair Extensions

#1 Ebony

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  • Description
  • Seamless Weaves Ebony is our blackest black and is a cool shade.

    Colour: #1
    Hair Length: 20"
    Hair Weight: 50 grams

    How much hair do I need?

    1 packs - 50 grams
    Perfect for thin hair to add volume

    2 packs - 100 grams
    Perfect for thin to medium hair to add length and volume
    Perfect for thick hair to add volume

    3 packs - 150 grams
    Perfect for all hair types to add length and create extra volume

    4 packs - 200 grams
    Prefect for medium to thick hair to create the ultimate length and volume

  • Why Seamless Weaves?
  • Why Seamless Weaves are better than traditional weaves:

    • Designed for professional application
    • Secure machine tied double track
    • Can be customised into thinner tracks
    • Perfect for all hair types

    Our signature seamless weaves can be professionally applied with no glue, heat, tape or chemicals. The track can also be split in half to make thinner tracks, which is perfect for thin hair. Weaves are a popular way of adding length and volume without damaging your natural hair.

  • Quality
    • Premium Russian Remy hair
    • Collected from one young donor
    • Double drawn
    • Cuticles intact
    • 12a grade hair
    • Natural & multi toned colours
    • Ethically sourced