Let us give you some professional knowledge on how you can up your Seamless game!

How to apply Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions

Side Points: Following this method we had a 1 clip weft left over. Keep in mind you can alter the placements of each weft to suit your hair style needs. If your hair is quite fine, tease the roots on each part to ensure the clips have something secure to anchor too.

In a rush?? Straighten or curl your clip-ins the night before. Then you can quickly pop them in and go!

How to Videos

Seamless Hair Extensions Range

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality double drawn 100% Human Remy Hair. Our Seamless Clip-in, Tape and Weave Hair Extensions are specially designed to be seamless for a more natural and comfortable look. At Seamless Hair Extensions we want you to love your hair!
The difference between Seamless Clip-ins and traditional clip-ins 

Why Seamless Clip-ins are better than traditional clip-ins:
- Thin wefts that lay flat to your head
- Super lightweight and comfortable
- Less shedding due to seamless bonded band
- Perfect for all hair types

Our signature Seamless Clip-in hair extensions are unlike regular clip-ins where the hair is sewn along the top. Ours have a thin lightweight seamless band, which allows the rows to lay flat against your scalp. Metal clips with silicone tubing for a secure grip, are then attached to the seamless band.
How to apply Seamless Clip-ins

Our Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions are easy to apply. The seamless band at the top of the clip-ins sits super flat against the scalp. This is great if you have thin hair as the clip-ins will be almost invisible. They are also very lightweight and do not shed due to the seamless band.
How to tone your Seamless Hair Extensions 

How many different tones of blonde is there.... let's not count cause we all know there are quite a few! By following this video you will see how to easy tone your Seamless Clip-ins, Tapes or Weaves by using Fanola toning shampoo.

In the video:I used Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions in colour #60 and toned them in a container of diluted Fanola NO YELLOW Shampoo.

When using Fanola NO YELLOW Shampoo be very careful as the purple is very highly pigmented and stains hair and skin very easily.
Applying Seamless Tape Hair Extensions for thickness

Our Seamless Tape hair extensions aren't just for adding length to your natural hair. By following this video you will see how by just adding seamless tapes to the front of your hair, you can completely change the look and feel of your hair!

Applying Seamless Tape Hair Extensions yourself at home

While we recommend you get Seamless Tapes applied by a professional, we know that sometimes that isn't possible. Due to lockdowns or financial reasons you may need to apply tape hair extensions yourself.
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