The Seamless Difference

Seamless Design Flawless Finish!

Why choose Seamless Hair Extensions...

Premium Russian Remy Hair

We only provide premium Russian Remy hair, of the highest grade 100% Human Hair. We source the hair from Russia and Scandinavia.

Double Drawn

Double drawn means the majority of the hair is all the same length. The hair is thick and full from top to bottom. 

Natural & Multi-Tone Colours

We have a wide range of natural, highlight and Ombré colours. All our hair colours are multi-tone giving shades that blend as natural as possible.

Ethically Sourced

All our hair extensions are ethically sourced, which means that the hair has been donated or sold willingly by the donor for fair compensation.

Australian Owned & Operated

Our brand is 100% Australian owned and operated and where we can, we source from other Australian businesses and brands.

Seamless Design

Seamless Hair Extensions have been specially designed to blend in naturally, making them popular among salons and with our clients.


Seamless Tapes

- Designed to be discreet and undetectable
- Lightweight and comfortable
- No shedding due to seamless base
- Quick and easy application
- Perfect for thin to medium hair

Our signature Seamless Tape hair extensions are the most discreet tape extensions available and are almost undetectable. The hair is bonded into the tape itself, which ensures there is no shedding.

Seamless Clip-ins

- Thin wefts that lay flat to your head
- Lightweight and comfortable
- No shedding due to seamless base

Our signature seamless clip-in hair extensions are made with a durable seamless bonded base; making them lightweight, flat, discrete and comfortable for all day wear. Seamless Clip-ins are the perfect solution for quickly and easily adding length, volume and colour to your existing hair style without damaging your natural hair.

Seamless Weaves

- Machine tied double track
- Can be made into single thinner tracks (perfect for thinner hair)
- Perfect for all hair types

Our signature Seamless Weave (also known as weft) hair extensions can be applied with no glue, heat, tape or chemicals. Weaves are a great way to add length and thickness to your hair with minimal damage. The track can also be split in half to make thinner tracks, which is perfect for thinner hair.

Seamless Gallery

Take a look at some of our Seamless Honey's...


Absolutely love my Hailie Jade seamless hair extensions. The quality and method are just incredible, the salon experience just amazing.
- Latoya
Silky smooth and beautiful quality extensions that blend well with your natural hair and ad volume and length. I would high recommend.
- Jade
Absolutely love the quality of these extensions! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants thicker/longer hair that is easy to manage and blends perfectly with your natural growth!
- Kiyah
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