About our studio

We want to give each and every client the feeling of being pampered when we are making hair dreams come true. We give you a thorough consultation before applying our hair extensions, to ensure we understand the exact look you after and have seamless weaves tailored to your natural hair type and lifestyle.

Specialists in Seamless Weave

Our studio specialises in Seamless Weave hair extensions. This method of application is the latest in the industry and is perfect for creating luscious long, thick natural looking hair.

This seamless method has no exposed beads, is less damaging on the natural hair and allows you to wear your hair up from day one without any discomfort.

Even if your hair is very thin, Seamless Weaves can be tailored to your hair density and thickness. We ensure that the seamless method is suited just for you!


Seamless Design

Our Seamless Weave application involves no heat, glue or braids. When the Seamless Weave is applied there are no beads visible from the top and bottom. This makes it more versatile to pull your hair back or into a high ponytail, straight after application.


Seamless Weaves require the least maintenance compared to all other permanent hair extension methods. Which means you wont need to visit the salon as regularly. We recommend Seamless Weaves be moved up every 8-10 weeks.


Most popular method due to the weave being seamlessly micro-beaded into your natural hair which means your wont have any slipping or fall out. It also has a natural movement in your hair which makes it hard to tell your wearing hair extensions.

Half Volume

$ 499
Application, cut-in and style
Length: 20"
Thickness: 50 grams
Rows: 1

Full Volume

$ 699
Application, cut-in and style 
Length: 20"
Thickness: 100 grams
Rows: 2 - 3

X Volume

$ 999
Application, cut-in and style 
Length: 20"
Thickness: 150 grams
Rows: 3 - 4

Extreme Volume

$ 1,299
Application, cut-in and style
Length: 20"
Thickness: 200 grams
Rows: 4+
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