Where are Seamless Hair Extensions sourced from?
Seamless Tapes
Our seamless tapes are premium 12a grade 100% Russian Remy hair sourced from Russia and Scandinavia.

Seamless Weaves
Our seamless weaves are premium 12a grade 100% Russian Remy hair sourced from Russia and Scandinavia.

Seamless Clip-ins
Our seamless weaves are 10A grade 100% European Remy hair sourced from Europe and Brazil. 
What is Remy hair?
Remy hair is a must when purchasing hair extensions. Remy hair is the finest quality of hair because the cuticles are kept intact, all running in the same direction as it grew at the time of collection. This means that there will be minimal tangling and the hair will blend much better with your natural hair.

All our hair extensions are 100% Remy hair.
What does double drawn mean?
Double drawn means the majority of the hair is the same length. All our hair extensions are double drawn ensuring consistent and luscious thickness right to the ends.
What products should not be used on hair extensions?
It is essential that you refer to our care guide to see which products you can't use, as if you damage your hair extensions, it can be impossible to return them back to their original quality.
Can I straighten or curl the hair extensions?
Yes. All Remy hair extensions can be straightened, curled and blow dried on a low heat setting, just as you would with your natural hair. Remember that hair extensions will dry out a lot quicker and easier than natural hair, so you should always use a heat protector spray or serum before applying any heat to the hair extensions. Always finish with a moisturising oil like White Sands Orchid Oil.
Will hair extensions damage my hair?
Hair extensions should not damage your hair if properly applied, cared for and regularly maintained. It is essential that you refer to our care guide to look after your hair extensions correctly.
What does ethically sourced mean?
All our hair extensions are ethically sourced, which means that the hair has been donated or sold willingly by the donor for fair compensation.
What are the best hair extensions for me?
Seamless Tapes
Perfect for all hair types but have been specially designed for thinner hair. It is best to have tapes applied by a salon professional but if you’re confident you can apply them yourself. Tapes are a great permanent method that’s quick and easy, taking as little as 30 minutes to apply.

Seamless Weaves
Perfect for all hair types and are one of our most popular permanent hair extension methods. Weaves give a great amount of volume and thickness once applied. It is best to have weaves applied by a salon professional.

Seamless Clip-ins
Perfect for anyone wanting temporary hair extensions that are quick and easy to apply. They are also affordable and easy to apply yourself in about 10-15 minutes. 
Can I wear hair extensions if my hair is short?
Generally hair extensions can be applied to short hair, however we recommend that your hair be at least past your ears, as the longer your hair is the better hair extensions will blend.
Which hair extensions look the most natural?
Our seamless collection of hair extensions are designed to be seamless so they blend in with your natural hair. With any type of hair extensions, you should make sure that the colour and texture of the hair extensions match as close as possible to your natural hair type.

You should also have your hair extensions cut into your natural hair style, so they blend naturally. This can be done by feathering the front layers of hair and or also cutting layers into the hair extensions. If you’re unsure, feel free to ask us for help on this or ask your local salon professional.
Do I need a professional to apply clip-in hair extensions?
We have designed seamless clip-ins for those who want instant length, volume and thickness without the assistance of a salon professional.
What is the difference between half, full, x full and extreme volume of hair extensions?
Half Volume 50 grams
Great for providing thickness and volume to existing hair.

Full Volume 100 grams
Most popular amount for adding thickness and a little length to existing hair.

X Full Volume 150 grams
For those who love extra volume, thickness and length added to existing hair.

Extreme Volume 200 grams
For those who have extra thick hair and want extra volume, thickness and length added to existing hair.
How often do I need maintenance on my hair extensions?
Seamless Tapes
Your tapes should be moved up every 6-8 weeks by a professional

Seamless Weaves
Your weaves should be move up every 8-10 weeks by a professional 


If you are purchasing an item with a pre-order notice, it means we have currently sold out of that item due to its popularity and we are waiting for the next shipment to arrive.  We reserve the right to cancel and refund any pre-order at our discretion.  All items in an order must be in-stock before the order can be shipped.  Once your pre-ordered item is back in-stock, your complete order will be shipped via the delivery method you've selected.  Once a pre-order is placed, please allow approximately 3 to 5 weeks for manufacturing.
Pick Up / Click and Collect orders
Our click and collect service is now available.  Depending on stock, orders are generally ready to collect within 24 hours.  This option is great for customers who are short on time or need their hair extensions urgently.

Click and collect is easy… order online, pay, once you've received your 'Ready to Collect' email come into the studio to collect your order. 
Return Policy
Please see our Return & Exchange policy.
How soon will I receive my order?
Please see our Shipping & Deliveries policy for shipping time frames.
Can I track my order?
We know how eager our clients are to receive their order so a tracking number is sent to your email as soon as your order is shipped so you can follow its progress.
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