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All our hair extensions have subtle highlights and lowlights, lighter strands and darker strands throughout each set. This allows our hair extensions to blend as naturally as possible. We have a wide range of warm to cool shades so you can easily find a hair extension colour that suits you best.

Due to our hair extensions being natural Remy hair, from time to time there may be variations in colour baths which are beyond our control. If the hair extension colour is not what you are after please return or exchange in original condition and hair as per above.

#1 Ebony Black
Ebony is our blackest black and is a cool shade.

#1b Raven Black
Raven is a natural shade of black with warm undertones that give a lovely depth to this shade.

#2 Chocolate Brown
Chocolate is a deep warm brown and is our darkest brown shade.

#2 #6 #10 Coco Ombre
Coco Ombre has dark brown roots and fades into warm chestnut highlighted ends.

#4 Mocha Brown
Mocha is a warm medium brown shade.

#4 #12 Havana Highlights
Havana Highlights is a mocha brown mixed with butterscotch to create a perfect highlight and lowlight warm blend. This is one of our popular shades.

#6 Chestnut Brown
Chestnut is light neutral brown.

#8 #613 Champagne Ombre
Champagne Ombre has chestnut brown roots and fades into a warm vanilla blonde.

#10 #613 Beach Highlights
Beach Highlights is a dark blonde mixed with a vanilla blonde, giving a natural sun kissed beach effect.

#60 Pure Blonde
Pure is our lightest blonde shade in our clip-in range.

#12 Butterscotch Blonde
Butterscotch is a mix of warm dark blonde tones.

#60a Pearl Blonde
Pearl is our lightest blonde neutral shade.

#18 #60 Ash Highlights
Ash Highlights is an ash blonde mixed with a platinum blonde, giving a natural sun kissed effect. 

#60b Platinum Blonde
Platinum is our lightest blonde shade. This colour is similar to Pearl, however its a shade more ash.

#613 Vanilla Blonde
Vanilla is warm sunny blonde shade.

Need help choosing the right colour?

Email us a hair selfie, taken in natural lighting with no direct sunlight. Make sure your hair is out and we can see your hair from top to bottom, with no flash or filters/effects added.

We will get back to you on which colour is a suitable match for your hair so you can be confident you are purchasing the right shade.
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