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Specialists in Seamless Weave

Our studio specialises in Seamless Weave hair extensions. This method of application is the latest in the industry and is perfect for creating luscious long, thick natural looking hair.

This seamless method has no exposed beads, is less damaging on the natural hair and allows you to wear your hair up from day one without any discomfort.

Even if your hair is very thin, Seamless Weaves can be tailored to your hair density and thickness. We ensure that the seamless method is suited just for you!


Seamless Design

Our Seamless Weave application involves no heat, glue or braids. When the Seamless Weave is applied there are no beads visible from the top and bottom. This makes it more versatile to pull your hair back or into a high ponytail, straight after application.


Seamless Weaves require the least maintenance compared to all other permanent hair extension methods. Which means you wont need to visit the salon as regularly. We recommend Seamless Weaves be moved up every 8-10 weeks.


Most popular method due to the weave being seamlessly micro-beaded into your natural hair which means your wont have any slipping or fall out. It also has a natural movement in your hair which makes it hard to tell your wearing hair extensions.
Important Information for Studio Bookings
The period of time our hair extensions last depends on the wearer’s lifestyle, use of hot tools, daily brushes, products and serum. Customers are reminded to be mindful of aftercare instructions to achieve the best results.

All our weave hair extensions are 12A grade raw virgin Remy hair with 100% cuticles aligned.  During colour processing, like bleaching to lighter colours or blonde, the hair cuticles change and can shorten the hairs lifespan  This means light or blonde hair can become dry and matted very easily.  We suggest extra care is taken and that you nourish your hair extensions daily to make them last as long as possible. 

Please follow our care guide for all aftercare instructions.  Should you feel that the hair extensions are faulty once applied we request that you contact us within 7 days of application.  We will not accept faulty complaints after this timeframe.  The sole determination of whether the hair extensions have a valid manufacturing defect will be made by our quality control team.  Upon review, quality control’s decision on a defective claim will be communicated to the customer and a prorated refund will be offered.  We do not provide refunds on services after the hair extension application has been completed.

With all hair extension applications there may be the following risks:
• Natural hair damage, breakage, hair loss or tension alopecia may occur
• Irritation to the scalp or an allergic reaction to the hair extensions, metal or thread may occur
• Headaches, pain, sores, scabs and or pimples may occur from the tension of the hair extensions
• Shedding, slipping, knotting, matting and dryness of the hair extensions if they are not looked after
• Damage may be caused to the hair extensions if bleached, coloured or toned

We encourage all clients to follow our care guide for all aftercare instructions. Due to hair extensions being a natural raw one-of-a-kind product, even if all care guide instructions are followed there can still be issues that arise that are out of our control and Hailie Jade Hair Studio will not be liable for.
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