Why Choose Seamless Hair Extensions?

At Seamless Hair Extensions we want you to love your hair! We go to great lengths, taking time and care to provide you with the highest-grade premium hair extensions.

All our hair extensions are among the most versatile on the Australian market, adding instant length, colour and volume to your existing hairstyle.

Hailie Jade the creator of Hailie Jade Hair Extensions has been in the hair extension industry for over 10 years. She has carefully taken the time to source high quality hair extensions that are loved by clients and salons Australia wide.  

Premium Russian Remy Hair

We only provide premium 100% Russian Remy hair. Each pack of hair comes from a single young donor meaning that there is no mixing of hair types. This ensures that follicles are cohesive and there is little to no tangling and friction between hair cuticles. All our hair extensions are double drawn ensuring consistent and luscious thickness right to the ends.

Natural & Multi-Toned Colours

All our hair extensions have subtle highlights and lowlights, lighter strands and darker strands throughout each pack. This allows our hair extensions to blend as naturally as possible. We have a wide range of warm to cool shades so you can easily find a hair extension colour that suits you best.

Ethically Sourced

We ensure that all our hair extensions are ethically sourced, which means that the hair has been donated or sold willingly by the donor for fair compensation.

Seamless Design

Hailie Jade has personally designed our Seamless Collection of hair extensions that blend in naturally with your existing hair style. This is one of the reasons why our hair extensions are used and loved by salons Australia wide.
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